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Jeremy Stephens
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Ricky Lundell
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AdaptogensNatures Performance and Stress Resistant Plants

Adaptogens Protect the Body Against Stress and Disease

Adaptogens are special plants with unique properties. These naturally biologically active substances protect the body to provide stress relief. Adaptogens work through the adrenal glands to produce adjustments in the body to provide an increased resistance to stress and usually produce no side effects.

Adaptogens were discovered, initially researched, and first widely utilized in the former Soviet Union having been studied and scrutinized over the past 45 years by more than 1,200 scientists and 3,000 efficacy studies, involving over 500,000 people worldwide.

Soldiers, chess players, astronauts, Olympic athletes, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, karate, martial artists, track athletes and millions of everyday people have been taking adaptogens for decades, with significant, positive health results evidenced by a dramatic broad spectrum of benefits including greater endurance, faster and better recovery from illness and disease.

As a result, the valuable properties of adaptogens have been confirmed through extensive research, which continues both today in Russia and in the international scientific community.

Adaptogenic plants help adapt to extraordinary challenges

The group of plants, which were classified by Soviet scientist's as "adaptogens," include Ginseng, Eleuthercoccus, Cordyceps Sinensis, Schizandra chinensis, Rhodiola rosea, etc. CardioForce contains three of the most well documented and effective adaptogens used by world class athletes: Rhodiola Rosea, Cordyseps Sinensis, and Eleuthercoccus. These three herbs have been found to work in a syngergistic fashion with each other to boost the cardiovascual endurance of athletes. A large number of research studies on adaptogens were made by Dr. Brekhman and the international scientific community. They demonstrated that adaptogens put the organism into a state of non-specific resistance in order to better cope with a variety of unfavorable factors and adapt to extraordinary challenges. Protective properties of adaptogens stimulate some body processes which prepare the organism to endure damaging influences; consequently ensuring a more rapid restoration of homeostasis.

A few of the most important actions of adaptogens are:

1) Anti-Stressors - increases tolerance and endurance to stress, both physical and mental, as well as decreasing the incidence of the harmful side effects of stress on the body and reduction of cortisol.

2) Normalizing – has a regulating effect on body functions, which tend to fluctuate. It has been shown that adaptogens normalize abnormalities of function: adrenal, thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, etc. Scientific data indicates that changes produced by adaptogens in the organism are due to the stimulation of several systems: nervous system, endocrine system, tissue metabolism and immune system.

3) Preventative – adaptogens have demonstrated a wide range of therapeutic actions: influenza, acute respiratory disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, skin disorders, sexual disorders and cancer.

4) Anti-toxic – increases the body's tolerance of many chemical, biological and radioactive toxins.

5) Anti-viral – a mediated action by way of its activation of y-interferon production.

6) Hypoglycemic – significantly reduces blood sugar in laboratory studies

7) Anti-hypertensive – if regularly taken for a prolonged period of time.

Adaptogens have a long history of stress relief and disease prevention

Adaptogens were classified by the ancient Chinese as “the most effective plants to increase endurance, reduce fatigue, improve resistance to diseases, give stress relief and improve cardio.”

People discovered that using adaptogens was vital during times of challenges. In China , adaptogens were used by soldiers right before battle. In Siberia , the same plants were used by hunters before long, dangerous journeys. The Tibetan monks used these same plants and were able to get by without food and warm clothes, living high in the mountains for many days. Chinese medicine has long used adaptogens to improve endurance, and relieve stress.

Despite many legends and thousands of years of utilization of these plants by many generations of people in China, Russia, Japan, Korea and finally in Europe, the effectiveness of these herbs, was not confirmed until 45 years ago. In answer to the timeless question of how to improve endurance and reduce stress people in China and throughout the east have used adaptogens for many centuries. Russian physician and scientist Dr. Israel Berkhman, who with his mentor, Professor Lazarv, named them "Adaptogens."

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