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Justin "The Viking" Wren


"CardioForce has increased my cardiovascular endurance to levels I have not had before. I won't train without it!"

Jeremy "Lil Heathen" Stephens

Jeremy Stephens
"I never had a problem with my cardio, but Cardio Force took it to a whole new level, and showed me the meaning of cardio machine."

Steve Carl

MMA Workouts
Nothing gives me a pre workout boost like Cardio Force! It gives me the endurance to train round after round after round! - Steve Carl Bellator fighting Championships Veteran. 14-2 pro MMA record.

Ricky Lundell

Ricky Lundell
"There is nothing on the market that even comes close to CardioForce. CardioForce is amazing!" - Ricky Lundell 2X Fila Grappling World Champion; Youngest Amercian to Receive Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt.

Joe Brammer

Endurance Workouts

"If you truly want to increase your cardio nothing will help you more than CardioForce. Obviously endurance training must be a consistent part of your MMA training, but if you want to achieve your highest cardio potential you need to take CardioForce. " - Joe Brammer (UFC Vet 8-3 professional MMA record)

TJ "The Spider" O'Brien

Cardio Workouts
"CardioForce works! I do not gas and can train at a very high intensity for long periods of time." - TJ O'Brien (UFC Vet; Midwest Cage Championship lighweight champion)


Cardio Endurance Research The Research Behind CardioForce

Research is the key to the effectiveness of CardioForce. After researching the physiological demands of combat sports and listening to feedback from professional athletes, our product science team hand picks the ingredients that go into our proprietary formulation. We don't just choose ingredients we think might work, we painstakingly review the extensive list of scientific studies on each ingredient to ensure that each final product meets our standards for:

Safety - our products first must do no harm
Specificity - each ingredient must contribute toward the intended effect
Effectiveness - confirm the potency of each ingredient for its intended effect

Adaptogenics Labs takes a different approach than other supplement companies. First of all we don't repackage general muscle building supplements to market to the endurance athlete. We are athletes who have validated the effectiveness of CardioForce ourselves. Our scientific team has worked with us to refine the ingredients in CardioForce while observing the effectiveness of the ingredients first hand. You've seen the ads for products made by the major body building companies - lots of bodybuilders and models with a few other athletes for marketing. None of these companies have set out to develop a product designed to meet the intense demands and cardio strain put on endurance athletes. CardioForce has been designed from the ground up to meet the excruciating cardiovascular strain put on athletes during intense competition and training.

Product Quality

The products developed by Adaptogenics Labs are all made in a GMP compliant manufacturing facility. That means that each step of the manufacturing process complies with FDA level standards - the same regulations drug manufacturers must follow when producing and packaging their products for public consumption. The bulk material used in our products is of the highest quality, validated by a certificate of analysis that verifies the purity and identity of each ingredient.

Safe and Legal

In addition to validating the bulk material used in the manufacturing process, Adaptogenics Labs sends a random sample of our products to a third party, independent laboratory to conduct a final analysis to verify the products' true identity and ensure that there are no contaminants present.

Our products are 100% legal and do not contain any banned substances listed by USADA or WADA. To ensure that our products do not produce a positive doping test, Adaptogenics Labs has contacted the State Athletic Commissions of California and Nevada to verify that the ingredients in all of its formulations are allowed when taken according to the directions on the product label.

Identifying the need of the athlete involves dissecting the various aspects of combat sports, and what unique qualities fighters depend on to not only survive, but thrive during training and competition. Whether competing in mixed martial arts, grappling, wrestling, kick boxing or BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), the result is a breakdown of several core physiological competencies a fighter must develop:


•Solid cardio foundation
•Short-term recovery (ability to recover quickly between intense efforts)
•Highly explosive (significant fast twitch muscle fiber development)
•Significant core strength
•Balance of agility and power
•Long-term recovery (tissue repair and growth/long term physiological adaptations)

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